The Ruslan Magic

There is delight and excellence in every drop of Ruslan. This is only possible because of what we call Ruslan Magic - created by our obsession with innovative technology and an unparalleled passion to bring everyone the best of times.

Reach Like No Other

Today, Ruslan is enjoyed by millions of people not only from different locations spanning across Nepal but also in countries like Germany and Japan. Ruslan maintains a powerful edge over its competitors with over 85% of the vodka market share in Nepal.

Old Ruslan Factory

The World of Spirits

The new generation of Ruslan leaders continues to take Ruslan to new heights and has achieved national and global recognition for doing so. Awards include “Arch of Europe” international quality award in 2012, ITQI Award 2016 and the Monde Selection 2016 in Belgium

With deepest commitment to quality and excellence is Raj Bahadur Shah, Managing Director, taking the pioneering efforts of the generations before him into a strategic future.